Salonik: Providing Premium Quality Dates and Saffron in India

Salonik: Providing Premium Quality Dates and Saffron in India

Salonik is a leading supplier of premium quality dates and saffron in India. The company was founded by Mir Hashim Ali, who drew inspiration from his father, Mr. Hyder Ali, the owner of Yakun Marketing Private Limited, a leading processor and exporter of natural agro products from India. With his father’s guidance, Mir Hashim Ali learned the ins and outs of the export and import business, eventually coming up with the idea to trade premium quality dates and saffron.

Salonik’s ‘No compromise policy’ with the quality of its products sets it apart from other service providers in the market. Despite facing price competition from other brands, the company refuses to lower its prices by reducing the quality of its products. Salonik is committed to supplying only the highest quality products, and its high level of transparency and real-time surveillance ensures that its products are not adulterated in any way. Every step of the supply chain, from the collection of quality products from the city of Bam in Iran to their packaging and transportation, is recorded to maintain transparency.

However, Salonik faced significant challenges in the beginning, particularly with understanding the supply chain. As a teenager, Mir Hashim Ali also had to prove himself time and again, with some people not taking him seriously due to his young age. Despite these hurdles, with his father’s support and his determination to succeed, Salonik overcame these challenges and established itself as a leading supplier of premium quality dates and saffron in India.

Looking to the future, Mir Hashim Ali aims to make Salonik an international brand and eventually launch a brand with his own name, ‘MIR,’ to make it famous like any other world-famous brands. Currently, Salonik supplies its products only in India, but Mir Hashim Ali plans to launch it worldwide soon.

When asked for advice for those just starting out, Mir Hashim Ali stresses the importance of never giving up on one’s dreams and to develop the habit of reading to enrich oneself with the experiences of others. He also encourages eating healthy, doing exercise, and staying in touch with loved ones.

Salonik’s commitment to providing only the highest quality products and its determination to grow and succeed in the international market make it a company to watch in the coming years.

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